Friday, November 13, 2009

A few artists and unwarranted criticism of their work.

I'm working on a few things and expect them to be online in a couple of weeks or so. But for this blog, I thought I'd do something different. You can still go to And you should. Go there.

I've been looking at the same books, or the same artists for months, years, now. I still have a lot to learn from them, sure but I've been trying to find other artists. Mostly ones that work now and haven't been dead for a couple of decades. I've been looking at some new painters lately and wanted to share them. So here they are.

Brad Guarino is this guy's name. Some of his paintings are interesting. There is some stuff found in these paintings I'd probably never think of doing. I feel this is his best one. They get a little bit too weird and tastelessly idiosyncratic for me. But there are lots of things he does in an interesting way. I'm pretty sure it's his most recent and maybe, hopefully he continues to do this type of painting, in the future. His website is Has a lot of past paintings, prints and drawings on it.

An Imprecise Center of Gravity
oil on canvas(diptych), 48x90"

The following painting is by a painter by the name of Jennifer Warpole. I found her by accident on the Pennsylvania of the Academy of the Fine Arts website under the MFA section. I assume it's this year that she graduated and the link wasn't filed under past MFA graduates. Whatever the case, this painting is one of the four paintings of hers I found on that website, and possibly the best one for colors, and composition alone. What do I know really. Seems like a somewhat comfortable and uninhibited way of painting. To have that kind of freedom with paint. Nice. The site doesn't indicate the medium or title or year it was painted. And I actually can't find anything else about her online either so this is it I guess.

This guy's named was given to me by a friend, Pete. Thanks Pete. His name is Rick Bartow. He's a Native American artist and paints, prints, and creates work about themes and concepts regarding his heritage. Some of his work reminds me of Bacon and Baskin. There are a lot of good ones on his website, or the gallery's website so it was hard to pick one. His paintings, drawings and prints all feel similar and there is a noticeable crossover between the mediums. Good job Rick. This is a 22 year old guy who you will never know existed congratulating you on your work. Important.

When Women Were Doctors
2006 Monoprint - monotype, 1/1
30 x 22 inches

The next artist is a prinkmaker and painter, Dasha Shiskin. I liked this piece the most which is why I picked it. If you have a problem with that, send me an email and I'll meet you behind the parking lot of a McDonald's on a half day to "talk about it". She is kind of young, obviously looks at a lot of Darger and early Kitaj, and hangs her work randomly and seeminly without reason. Lines. Recently had a solo show in NYC last month, which I didn't go to since I am never there. Zach Feuer Gallery's website has much more work of hers so you can get a better idea. That is a good net.

That only which is real and permanent is truly good
2009, acrylic, ink and conté on canvas, 82.63 x 96"

I do not know much about Paul Laffoley and his ideas. The most I know is that he lives in Cambridge, MA and paints these type of paintings. I'm attracted to the hard edges, lines and colors, and some compositions, of pretty much all of his paintings. They tend to get incredibly cluttered and hardly understandable. Which may or may not be related to what he wishes to convey conceptually. Anyway, you can look at them. Or if you don't want to look at them, that is good too.
I, Robur, Master of the World, 1968
Oil, acrylic, vinyl lettering on canvas
73 1/2 x 73 1/2 in.

I very recently discovered Ryan Schneider's work. I can't really decided whether or not I enjoy this guy or kind of don't care. Actually, I enjoy it. Most of it anyway. Some things. Spatially, Schneider is interesting, usually creating this strangely distorted aerial perspective and flatness that kind of reminds me of Peter Blake's On The Balcony. Some of his paintings are just as awkard figuratively as Blake's early work and some of David Hockney's as well. The color is also something to be mentioned. There is a lot of his work on the Priska C. Juschka Gallery's website.
Against the Wash
Oil on canvas
72 x 48 in.

Maybe you liked some of these artists. Either way, I will probably do this again in the future. Until next time.